As amazingly fun as it is to travel, there are some parts of the adventure that can be annoying, including lugging around a bunch of stuff. It’s not just your suitcase and backpack, but also souvenirs for friends and family back home. But what if there was a way to have those goodies delivered directly to your hotel room? That would make things so much easier. We’ve got good news: Goodycrew does just that!

Order a souvenir from the comfort of your hotel room

Ordering a souvenir from the comfort of your hotel room is one of the best ways to ensure you have a stress-free and convenient experience.

Bonus: Local souvenir ideas

You can purchase some typical Amsterdam items online. One of our favorites is the wooden Canal House, which is symbolic of the city. Other options include a wooden cutting board and an eco-friendly porcelain white to-go cup.

1. Wooden Canal House

Dutch elegance and rustic sophistication characterize this carefully crafted Canal House. Wooden Amsterdam has recreated pieces of Amsterdam’s rich history to make your home feel more like a Dutch house while adding an unexpected touch of premium flair.

  • Dutch quality
  • Well-crafted and hand-made
  • Timeless design

2. Wooden Cutting Board

Perfect for cutting, chopping, and butchery. This sturdy, high-quality wooden board is both stylish and convenient. Perfect for both cooking and serving. You never know when you’ll need to maneuver your way around a kitchen, but with the beautiful wooden Amsterdam cutting board at your side, you’ll be ready for whatever comes your way.

  • Save your hands with this easy-to-grip cutting surface
  • Create an amazingly delicious meal without getting too messy
  • Looks great on any countertop, no matter the style

3. To Go Cup – White

Take it with you, wherever your day takes you! Ditch the disposables and bring this cup with a sealable silicone lid with you on the go. Whether you’re out for coffee, meeting your friends, heading to work, or running errands around town, always stay hydrated in style. Made of durable white porcelain and decorated with an iconic Delft Blue pattern, it’s not only stylish but also an environmentally friendly option.

  • Durable, stylish porcelain
  • Sleek design with an iconic Delft Blue pattern
  • Keeps drinks hot or cold


Goodycrew: Unique souvenirs

If you want to show your love, give a thoughtful gift. It doesn’t have to be big! Some of our favorite presents are little things that friends and family gave us because they were thinking of us and selected something unique and personal. You could give them something for any occasion.

There’s no better feeling than getting something special from someone who knows us well. We have unique souvenirs available that are perfect, no matter what you like.

  • Luxurious, unique, beautiful design souvenirs to impress – A perfect way to impress your friends and loved ones with just one trip.
  • Order delivered within two hours (in Amsterdam) – The best last-minute souvenirs in Amsterdam are waiting for you . We’ll have your gift delivered within two hours!
  • Good for the environment: delivery by bicycle, ecofriendly packaging, and more – We’ll send your package using bikes. The packaging is made of recycled materials and free from toxic chemicals, too.
  • Local and international brands and designers – We’re able to provide you with the latest in decor, accessories, and designer collaborations. From local designers right here in Amsterdam to internationally featured brands like MoMA, it doesn’t matter where your tastes lie because Goodycrew has what you need!

The Bottom Line

The holiday season can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be a nightmare when it comes to souvenirs. With a few simple tips and tricks, you’ll find your stress levels plummeting as you enjoy the festive spirit of Amsterdam! Goodycrew is here for all your souvenir needs in Amsterdam with delivery anywhere within city limits, so don’t hesitate to browse our selection of souvenirs today.