Instant delivery of gifts and goodies in Amsterdam

We are committed to offering an instant delivery service for gifts and goodies from selected local shops in Amsterdam.


Always one step ahead in service

Our vision is:

  • to become Amsterdam’s leading instant delivery service for gifts and goodies.
  • to become the brand that comes to mind when ordering a gift or goody.
  • to exceed the expectations of our customers.
  • to have a diversity of gifts and goodies that satisfies our customers’ needs.


Our values 

Excellent customer service: Customers are an essential part of our business, and we prioritize their needs above all else.

Quality and fast delivery: Our delivery is fast, and our products are of high-quality.

Speed: We aim to be as accessible as possible to our customers, and to be responsive to their needs.

Simplicity: We always strive to keep the process simple.

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